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Look at Olitz being on the same page. This is “We’re in this together” personified  This is what being someone’s anchor looks like. I took it as Fitz being at work and he needed to hear her voice to get him through his day. Tell me I’m lying?

I also imagine how different this scene would have been if Olivia was right there at the White House with him. She’ll probably tell him the same thing too.

Anyone was thinking what if this line “Are you having second thoughts” could be like something Fitz will ask Olivia on the eve of their wedding day?

I also love that Olivia didn’t offer to help him write his speech. This was Olivia standing down and letting Fitz do this thing.

I love that Olivia didn’t let Cyrus get to her. She handle that.

Did you all catch the parallels to their phone chats earlier in the season though? The beauty of this scene. 

That smile she has at the end though? No one does phone chats like Olitz.

What I also admire about this scene is that she’s at work (OPA) and he’s at work (Oval Office) and they still watch for one another. (There’s no need to turn on the TV now, right?)


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